Solving Your Fitness Woes: Lorna Jane, the Pioneer of Activewear, Unveils the Ultimate Solution

Solving Your Fitness Woes: Lorna Jane, the Pioneer of Activewear, Unveils the Ultimate Solution

 In a game-changing move, Lorna Jane Clarkson, the visionary behind coining the term "activewear" 27 years ago, has ingeniously addressed a major fitness concern. Enter the eagerly anticipated workout pants that have the potential to revolutionize your exercise routine.

Lorna Jane, the brand synonymous with activewear excellence, has dedicated the past year to perfecting a remarkable pair of yoga pants aptly named "Nothing 2 See Here." This groundbreaking creation boasts complete opacity, eliminating any concerns about transparency during your workouts.

Clarkson, a former dental therapist and fitness instructor, embarked on her journey in 1990, sewing her own workout gear and launching her inaugural boutique in Brisbane. The undeniable demand for her creations swiftly emerged as members of her fitness classes eagerly placed orders. Fast forward to today, and Lorna Jane stands as Australia's response to the iconic Lululemon brand.

The genesis of activewear within Clarkson's realm was rooted in the belief that attire could serve as a potent motivator for exercise. She emphasizes, "I think it’s important that you make it fashionable and you have lots of options for people to wear, so they get inspired to buy the activewear and then hopefully to go workout and live a healthy life. You’re not going to walk into McDonalds in your activewear, are you? You’re not going to be chomping on a burger or eating fries… you’re telling people by what you’re wearing that you’re being fit and healthy so it sort of propels you into that way of life." Speaking to the Observer, Clarkson radiates confidence in her designs, embodying her philosophy through her own wardrobe choices.

Unsurprisingly, Clarkson has evolved into a veritable lifestyle influencer, amassing over 185,000 dedicated followers on Instagram, drawn to her authentic fitspiration. Describing her brand's remarkable success, she underscores the significance of intention: "It’s just waking up with that intention to move your body, eat great food and have a positive attitude. It’s not just about how you look and how you feel. If you feel amazing and nourish your body and work out it, it’s going to put you in the best possible position, to first of all be happier in your life but also be more successful because you’re thinking clearly, you’re feeling energetic, and you’re just making this machine that carries your intelligence able to perform more."

Lorna Jane. Lorna Jane. Driven by her pursuit of excellence, and fueled by her yoga accreditation, Clarkson embarked on a mission to create an extraordinary fabric for her innovative leggings. The result is a fabric that triumphantly banishes visible panty lines from the equation. Reflecting on the inspiration behind this invention, Clarkson exclaimed, "I saw so many see through tights." Rather than letting her clients discover this issue post-Downward Dog, she devised a brilliant solution.

Clarkson went on to trademark the revolutionary fabric, recognizing the scarcity of materials that would meet her stringent requirements for non-transparency. Elaborating on the fabric's qualities, she notes, "You want it to stretch, you want it to be supportive, you want it to be comfortable, and you want it to wipe moisture." The official launch of the "Nothing 2 See Here" pants is slated for October, with a pre-sale opportunity currently available.

Initially offered in classic black, expansion into a diverse range of colors and designs is on the horizon. The quest for a fabric that seamlessly merges lightness, breathability, and gentle support—akin to the cherished benefits of Spanx—is a testament to Lorna Jane's dedication. As fitness attire evolves from loose-fitting leggings and oversized tees to sleek, tailored designs, the elimination of unsightly lines becomes paramount.

After all, no one desires to tackle errands, indulge in brunch, or engage in rigorous workouts with a less-than-flattering rear view.

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