The Resurgence of Short Shorts: A Fashion Flashback for Guys

The Resurgence of Short Shorts: A Fashion Flashback for Guys

Have you seen those celebs rocking the really short shorts? Yeah, like, super short. It's been all over the internet and people are totally buzzing about it!

Big shots like Milo Ventimiglia from "This is Us" and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson – you know, the muscle guy – have been spotted in these high-cut shorts. Milo was strutting around in black shorts in West Hollywood, and Dwayne shared a gym selfie wearing those barely-there navy blue ones on Insta. And boom! The shorts revolution started.


According to Men’s Health mag, these guys might've just sparked the trend for short shorts among dudes, especially those fitness fanatics out there. Everyone’s saying this summer is gonna be all about the short shorts for guys!


Check this out: Daniel Levine, the bigwig at Avant-Guide Institute, spilled the beans to Fox News. Apparently, shorter shorts for dudes have been on the rise for 2021. Yep, they've been trending on Twitter and it’s all thanks to the celebs. Levine says these itty-bitty shorts are like a secret code for gym buffs to flaunt their glutes. It’s like, when Bitcoin goes up, shorts go up too, apparently!


But guess what? This ain't the first rodeo for short shorts in guy fashion. History's got a story about this. Back from the 1940s to the 1980s, guys were all about the seriously short athletic shorts. Then things changed, and shorts went longer, hitting at or above the knee.


Twitter’s been blowing up with folks talking about this fashion yo-yo. Some are like, "Yo, short shorts are making a comeback, and it’s gonna be a vibe!" Others are more like, "Nah, we need more fabric, not less!"


There’s this Twitter user, Astasia Will, who’s like predicting a whole vibe with guys rocking WNBA jerseys, thigh shorts, and bling. She even called it a "hot boy summer." And then you’ve got Holiday Sidewinder, this singer from Australia, who straight-up confessed that short shorts on dudes just melt her heart.

5 Inch inseams


But hey, not everyone's feeling the love for these micro-shorts. Adam Moussa, the Eater’s Senior Social Media Manager, ain’t about it. He’s saying, "Nah, give me more fabric! Thighs look better with a little more to strain against."


And get this: most stores still have longer shorts for guys. They're holding onto those 10-inch inseams. But if you're hunting for the teeny-tiny ones, places like Alseams, Under Armour and Nike got your back with shorts as short as two to seven inches. Lululemon and Champion aren’t too far behind either, offering four to seven-inch shorts.


Mens Inseam short

So, it’s a whole thing – short shorts making a comeback! Whether you’re for it or against it, you gotta admit, it’s making waves!

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