The Ultimate Legging Guide for Short Girls

The Ultimate Legging Guide for Short Girls

Hey there, fellow leggings lovers! I've gone through a gazillion pairs of leggings because, hey, leggings are life, am I right? But being vertically challenged, finding the perfect length? That's been my quest! So, here's the lowdown on my absolute favorite leggings for us shorter gals.

These are the type of Leggings for short girls :

Alseams 7/8 Length: These are beautiful and show off the entire length of the leggings and they are flattering. Love the colour of these.

 These are another great option for shorties – very similar material to the LSKD leggings, and noticeably don't bunch or look funny in areas you don't want them to (you know where I mean).


LSKD 7/8 Length Tights These are my ride-or-die leggings. I've got the Elixir and Rep types, and honestly, I can't pick a favorite. They're like wearing clouds on your legs – super soft and not squeezing you like a giant hug that's too tight. Plus, they stay up! No awkward roll-downs while you're hustling. Oh, and did I mention they've got a pocket for your phone? Game-changer!


Elite Eleven 7/8 Aura SF Leggings Think of these as the cool cousin to the LSKD ones. They're like twins in terms of comfort but come in Cloud Grey, which is pretty rad. They don't bunch up in weird places, making them perfect for errands or just hanging out feeling like a boss.


Nimble Activewear High Rise 7/8 Legging II These leggings? They're like a second skin – seamless and cozy. And if you're not vibing with that super tight tummy feeling, these are your go-to. Plus, they're gym buddies too! They've got you covered, literally.


Nike One Women's Capri Tights Now, these leggings are the golden child in my collection. They’ve been through countless spin cycles and still look fresh outta the box. They nail that sweet spot in length – not too short, not too long. And hey, they won't make you feel like you’re in a stomach squeeze.

Bonus points: they leave a bit of ankle space, which apparently makes us shorties look taller. Who knew?


But hold up, there's more! These leggings aren’t just about fit; they’re about that extra oomph they bring. They create that little space between your shoes and ankles that's like a magic trick making us look a tad taller. And who wouldn’t want that?


Now, I could go on forever about these leggings. I mean, they're like my superhero squad, each with their own powers. But I'm always on the lookout for new contenders to join the ranks. Got a pair of awesome leggings I haven't stumbled upon yet?

Drop your recommendations in the comments below! Let's create a league of extraordinary leggings for short girls everywhere!

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