Top 15 Leggings Picks for Petite Women: Banishing Bunching Woes!

Top 15 Leggings Picks for Petite Women: Banishing Bunching Woes!

Finding the perfect pair of leggings can be a daunting task for shorter women. Comfort, style, and fit all play a role in making the right choice. Here's a guide to help you navigate the world of petite leggings and some of our favorite selections that combine comfort and style flawlessly.

Why Do Petite Women Need Tailored Leggings?

With the average height of American women around 5'3.5", those falling below this mark are classified as petite. This stature comes with smaller proportions that require a different kind of fit. The key factor is the inseam—measured from the inner thigh to the ankle's top. Petite clothing has an inseam up to two inches shorter than regular pants, which usually have an inseam between 28 to 30 inches for women 5'4" and above. This can lead to annoying bunching around the ankles, mid-leg, or crotch area unless the right leggings are chosen.

What If I'm of Average Height but Still Encounter Bunching? Proportionally shorter legs are often the culprit here. If you're familiar with having pants hemmed due to a long torso, you understand this struggle. The solution is simple: measure your inseam. Knowing this measurement empowers you to make informed choices.

Are Cropped Leggings the Answer? While cropped or capri leggings might seem like a solution, they often hit that awkward mid-calf range that does neither length nor style justice. They can make legs appear shorter and offer minimal cooling benefits. Even full-length leggings designed to be cropped come with improper proportions. Opt for high-waisted leggings; the upward sweep of fabric creates a lengthening effect.

So, What's the Solution? Measuring your inseam is key. You can find leggings with the exact length or choose "7/8" leggings, which are full-length leggings shortened to one-eighth of the standard length (around 25 inches). Alternatively, explore leggings that allow you to self-hem for a customized fit. A world of petite-friendly leggings awaits! Here are some top picks:

      Adirelounge High Waist Yoga Leggings : Colourful and bright running leggings     that are squat proof. Also perfect for yoga and pilates. 

  1. Lululemon High Rise Fast And Free Crop: These 23-inch running leggings won't bunch at the ankles and feature Nulux fabric for comfort and style.

  2. Fabletics Oasis High-waisted Twist 7/8: Bright and versatile, these leggings are perfect for yoga and more.

  3. Everlane The Perform Legging: These basic nylon-polyester leggings come in an "ankle" option, perfect for shorter legs.

  4. Zella Studio Lite High Waist Print 7/8 Leggings: With a 26-inch inseam, these leggings offer lightweight comfort.

  5. Carbon38 Houndstooth Jacquard 7/8 Legging: These wide-waistband leggings offer a flattering fit and compression fabric.Yoga Tights

  6. Free People Self Hem Ecology Leggings: These leggings come with three horizontal lines at the bottom, allowing you to trim them to your desired length.

  7. Girlfriend Collective Fig Float Seamless High-rise Legging: With an inseam of 23 ¾, these leggings are both eco-friendly and comfortable.

  8. Skin Calypso Ankle Length Legging: Made of 90 percent cotton, these leggings are ideal for those seeking natural fibers.

  9. Sweaty Betty Super Sculpt Sustainable High Waisted 7/8 Yoga Leggings: With a 24-inch inseam, these leggings are sustainably made and stylish.

  10. Beyond Yoga High Waist Leggings: These 25-inch inseam leggings provide a second-skin fit and a unique camo design.Sport Bra and Leggings

  11. Alo 7/8 High-waist Airbrush Legging: These synthetic fabric leggings offer a smooth silhouette with no bunching at the hem.

  12. Madewell Mwl Form High-rise 26-inch Legging: With a 26-inch inseam, these versatile leggings are perfect for various occasions.

  13. Gymshark Training 7/8 Leggings: These shorter 7/8 leggings offer a range of color options.

  14. Splits59 Tread High Waist Techflex 7/8: With a 26-inch inseam, these leggings are both stylish and comfortable.

  15. Mpg Endurance High Waisted 7/8 Legging: With a shiny fabric and innovative design, these leggings are perfect for active lifestyles.

With these options, petite women can bid farewell to bunching and welcome leggings that complement their style and comfort perfectly.

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